My Dearest Hope,


    It has been brought to my attention (through my angels) that you may wish to know the following mythical story.  It begins in the Island of Atlantis.  The government there is not the same as we have come to know as governments today.  Queens, Priestesses, and Lords were titles of the greatest honor and the people who held those titles were greatly loved and respected by all individuals.


    The title “Queen” belonged to a lineage of women who possessed great powers to influence certain aspects of life on the island.  Harvest, wealth, reproduction and knowledge are some of the “aspects” that Atlantean's held so dear.  Queens had long lineages and had been re-entering life on earth since the 1950’s.  In the third dimension (the present energy on earth) reincarnation can happen, but there are rules that must be adhered to.  I need to explain that when a Queen or Lord is reincarnated on earth, they only get to bring knowledge with them.  Re-incarnates are also allowed to design or set up hints or clues regarding their identity and purpose for this lifetime.


    I believe you are a reincarnated Queen from Atlantis. It is no coincidence your name “the solitary one of hope” is a clue that you alone can bring back the idea of justice and power to humanity.  Because you suffered an innocent death, you possess power, and you command the respect of everyone who remembers you.  


    Your picture on Twitter jarred your legend’s memory, and although you first interpreted it a disrespect and bad manners, I think the crowd yelled “boo Zika”  or “Bora Sitka” from the memory when their great queen (you) ruled with justice and respect.  I also think the yells have perpetuated themselves and even if the crowd wanted to stop, it would be difficult to do so.


    Queen Sitka or Zitka (pronounced “zika”) was one of the most famous Queens of Atlantis in that she governed reproduction and fertility.  Her powers were so great, weak people (mostly men) feared them.  Women empowered her, and she was a very fair and just queen.  When she was executed because of people’s misunderstanding, she vowed to return one day more powerful and striking than ever before.  


I think the name “Zika” and the fact it is related to reproduction was too coincidental to ignore.


    The Zika virus connected to reproduction is a very powerful virus that commands respect and may leave death (of the innocent) in its wake.  Some definitions you are familiar with are below.


    Zika virus /ˈziːkə, ˈzɪkə/ (ZIKV) is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus, transmitted by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. aegypti and A. albopictus. Its name comes from the Zika Forest of Uganda


    The Zika virus is a mosquito-transmitted infection related to dengue, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. Although it was discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda in 1947 and is common in Africa and Asia, it did not begin spreading widely in the Western Hemisphere until last May, when an outbreak occurred in Brazil.



    The Sitka spruce also has a commanding presence; it is a large coniferous evergreen tree growing to almost 100 m tall, and with a trunk diameter at breast height that can exceed 5 m.


    I wanted to write you a little bit about the impressions I had to assure you that the “boo” is meant to be “bora” a title I cannot explain yet.  But the memory of coliseums filled with people yelling their praises for you seems to have found its way back to you.  And although you have done a great job tolerating the “booing”, I wondered if you had transformed the energy into a positive cheer that may empower you and enlighten your path during your Olympic journey.


Pease know the world watches you with awe and respect.


This story was “told” to me so I could possibly shed some light upon recent events.  It's just a story, but the urging for me to tell you was very prominent.  My intention is to help you, not distract you.  You are a world class soccer player, so I know you have a handle on the “boos”.

I enjoy watching you play and commend your performance.


Carol Ann Evans





Hello Hope,


I received further instruction from my angels and I’m sharing it here.


First, Lemuria was another island in the Pacific Ocean and it existed with Atlantis. While Atlantis was considered the supreme island of technology and knowledge, Lemuria was extremely loving and kind. Atlantians eventually destroyed themselves because their power got away from them and they could no longer control it. Lemurians were always a kind and understanding people and their island was located close enough to Atlantis for some Atlantians to escape and seek shelter at Lemuria. After Atlantis’s destruction (which eventually included Lemuria), many people swam to South America (specifically Brazil) and settled there. We are talking thousands of years and therefore a deep genealogy of mostly Lemurians.


By the way, the Lemurians knew about you and they loved your kind attitude towards all people. Although Brazil thinks they are upset about the Zika virus and your post, I think they are smart enough to understand you were simply researching all the facets of this insect and resulting virus. If you stop and think about the nature of Brazil, they seem to be a dancing and light party kind of people. I think Brazil doesn’t waste time with holding grudges. Again, I truly think that the cheer has taken on a life of its own and I know it is somehow to praise you.


Asking about the “bora” word. I was told that the Aurora Borealis was your crown.


Pretty amazing to think you were such a powerful queen to have a light show as your crown! By the way, I do not know where this stuff comes from, but it is a fascinating story and I will write everything I am told to.


Also, I was specifically told to tell you to “reach beyond the box”, whatever that means. If I had to interpret it, I’d say that the statement means you have more power and strength you haven’t even tapped into yet.


So now you have some pieces to your queen status, the Lemurians (now Brazilians) that recognize you and that you once again command stadiums of people who don’t even know they are paying you respect and honor with each chant.


I asked about the “solitary giver of hope” and my angels tell me that you succeed with each game of soccer you play. It is amazing to think you give hope to millions of people simply by playing soccer, but you do.


Misunderstanding is a part of your life you will have it presented to you over and over again. It is an energy that seems surround you. I believe it can be overwhelming at times. I urge you to recognize it and quickly let it go. I believe you are an extremely professional woman and everyone around this city agrees. Please know that USA stands behind you and I hope you use some of that energy when you need it most.


Please stay focused (as you always do) and enjoy your time in Brazil. I wish you and the team great success and hope you will play to the best of your ability.


Sincerely and until next time I'm told to write something,

Carol Ann Evans



Hello Hope,

I was going to tell you more about your story, but since you've been suspended, I think you should quit and start that family you have wanted.  Let the world see how well they do without you!  You have given this world hope and you have entertained it long enough.  Most of the world is in shock at the pure injustice of your situation.  What does Megan Rampinoe have to prove?? Except the fact she has been a substandard soccer player her entire career!   Maybe its her way to get some of the lime light.  Let the soccer team go.  I feel this whole Rio situation has been nothing but controversial publicity.  By the way, you are entitled to free speech.  I wonder what is going on behind the scenes that the soccer league wants attention diverted from it and focused on you!  

Well, my lady, you are a powerful queen amongst peasants (including me).  Please never forget who you are!  Always remember you have power beyond comprehension.  That's why you are not always understood.  Please take this time to re-think why you are here.  Perhaps to teach your children and support them on their journey?  Maybe you need some alone time with your husband or yourself??  Rediscover your powers.  

BEWARE because I can not control who reads this.


If you ever want to write, contact me by email and we can write privately.



 Good Luck, Hope.  For whatever you decide is the right thing for you.  Take Care.