I travel around our city and run across tid bits of information from people here, I am writing some things I've heard here. 

These tid bits are my interpretation only, they are not medical advice and you should consult your own health care provider before trying anything I've listed here.  Everything you try from "tid bits" is solely at your own risk.

I did write where I heard the tid bit (if the person allows) so you could get more information if desired directly from the source.


1.  If you suffer from migraine headaches, please consider taking 200mg of vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) orally.  You must take for at least 2 months before you notice a difference.  Doesn't work for everyone but you can try.  From a neurologist.


--I tried Ribo-Mag Forte from Food4Life, for one month (my source of Riboflavin was mixed with some Magnesium), headaches decreased by 50%, so far so good.

12-17-12  Update:  If I feel a headache coming on, I take a RiboMagForte and after the present headache passes, I usually remain headache free for a month or two.


2.  If you suffer from sensitive teeth.  Dip toothbrush very slightly in Bronner's natural Peppermint soap and apply baking soda over the soap and then brush your teeth.  They warn that soap must be applied scantily--very, very little.


--I tried this, soap tastes blah, try not to have your tongue come in contact with the soap.  Sensitivity decreased slightly (noticable difference) so I'm going to continue using this.  **This soap is best used on skin and clothes. Not in the mouth.


If you suffer from DRY MOUTH resulting in an increase in cavities Evora is the product for you. Will alsp help allieviate bad breath, and sensitivity.


suggested Bio-Dent.  I take one bottle as directed then stop for a month or two then start again with another bottle. If I feel the need. No Cavities!!!


3. Castor Oil applied topically reduces inflammation may also be mixed with a few drops of Thyme oil to reduce swelling of external hemorrhoids.

--supposedly, you can apply castor oil to lumps and inflammed areas. I would consult your health care practioner if you are unsure about this one.  I do know that castor oil can stain so use old rags.  You can lay a rag soaked with castor oil on your abdomen to help with liver detox or constipation.  Throw away rag after use, never re-use or you may put parasites or toxins back into your body.



4.  Olives are a complete food.  Read this one in a health newsletter.  Doesn't matter if its green or black.  Eat em from the can but store them in a tupperware container in the fridge to prevent food poisoning.

5.  Help reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy by taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC every day.  Follow directions from the label or your health care provider.  This brand does not make me nauseated.


Update: I take Neuropathy Support Formula ( Nerve Renew)--2 years and there is a noticeable improvement.




6.  Your septic tank only requires 1/4 cup sugar flushed down the toilet each month to keep it healthy and alive with bacteria.  The critters love the sugar.  Also, a packet of yeast down the old flusher wouldn't hurt once in a while either.  I heard this from a septic guy but I haven't tried it yet.

I tried the sugar and yeast; Rid-X is BETTER and I have less drain problems when I stick with Rid-X.

Update:  I went back to using Rid-X once monthly, so far working good.



7.  Women who have a menstrual cycle need to supplement Calcium Magnesium ratio (2:1), especially during the cycle.  If your supplement is from Calcium Carbonate--make sure it is Chelated so the amino acids will be absorbed.  Usually a carbonate calcium is like chalk in the system so be careful and read labels. I take this product (tastes great)


8.  Gray hair is caused by lack of pigment which in turn can be remedied by taking Colloidal or Chelated Copper, taking the herb Yarrow and increasing FOOD intake (strawberries) of iron (not supplements).  I've heard if you take iron supplements and then eat iron rich food, they cancel each other out.  The supplement I have found to be the best is Source Naturals Copper Sebacate.


One source I found explaining copper on you tube



9. Sodium Ascorbate-Vitamin C.  This type of vitamin C actually absorbs in your system and you can feel the difference.  I really am impressed.